TULUKA in Sports’ Teams
We are trained as athletes and that is why we have a comprehensive vision of training that perfectly complements the philosophy of a professional team, regardless of the sport, as in the case of one of the largest in Argentina: RIVER PLATE.

TULUKA in Your Neighborhood.
We are defined by excellence and professionalism, in addition of loving what we do. Having Tuluka in your neighborhood is knowing that you will always train with friends and neighbors; as our friends from AYRES DE PILAR can tell you.

TULUKA in Companies
A company that provides health benefits and focuses on the well-being of employees is valued twice. We have plenty of experience in providing a corporate service, while considering the business’ needs. Brands like ADIDAS or REEBOK have already chosen to work with us, and still do.

TULUKA Training and Boot Camps.
We constantly attend the most diverse trainings, and the most demanding boot camps. We have the expertise, and want to share it with your organization.

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